College Connection, in conjunction with Under Armour, has announced the 68 athletes who have earned Golden Tickets as a unanimous choice to compete in the 2018 Under Armour Select Game on July 26 at Boston College’s field hockey complex.

The game’s participants were selected from the recent College Connection Showcases at UMASS (Amherst, MA) and West Chester University (West Chester, PA).  Selected athletes will compete with the best athletes from each showcase by year of graduation.  To learn more about the Under Armour Select game CLICK HERE.


Underlassmen Game Schedule (2023/2022/2021)

1:00pm Athletes arrive at BC Register, media interviews, photos & receive UA Player kit
2:00 pm Teams meet with Coaches and warm up
3 – 4:45pm Showcase Game (3 x 30 minutes periods/5 minute breaks)
4:45pm Underclassmen Awards Ceremony
5:00 – 5:30pm Goalie Showcase ALL goalies invited to participate

Upperclassmen Game Schedule (2019/2020) 

3:45 pm Athletes arrive at BC Register, Media Interviews, Photos & receive UA Player kit
4:45 pm Teams meet with Coaches and warm up
5:00 – 5:30pm Goalie Showcase ALL goalies invited to participate
5:45 – 7:30pm Showcase Game (3 x 30 minute periods/5 minute breaks)
7:30pm Upperclassmen Awards Ceremony


2018 Under Armour Select Golden Ticket Selections
First Name Last Name YOG State Position Showcase
Lucy Adams 2022 MA F/M UMass
Julia Arsenault 2019 CT GK UMass
Ashley Barron 2020 MA F/M UMass
Cassie Brazinsky 2019 VA M WCU
Erin Burgess 2020 CA GK UMass
Dempsey Campbell 2021 RI M UMass
Linsey Champa 2019 NJ F WCU
Katelyn Clarke 2020 MA F UMass
Leah Cohen 2020 PA F/M/D UMass
Rease Coleman 2021 NY M UMass
Camille Cook 2021 PA F/M WCU
Claudia Crowe 2020 MA F UMass
Mikayla Crowley 2019 CT M UMass
Tess Csejka 2020 CT F UMass
Bella DelNegro 2021 MA F UMass
Emma Donahue 2020 MA M/D UMass
Aiden Drabick 2021 PA F UMass
Taylor Duffany 2019 PA F WCU
Amanda Duke 2021 PA F/M/D WCU
Anna Duncan 2021 MO GK UMass
Lindsey Fogelsanger 2021 PA M WCU
Brinley Foster 2020 PA F/M WCU
Caleigh Fotiades 2020 MA D UMass
Tallulah Fuhs 2021 CO M/D UMass
Allison Giorgio 2020 MA F/M UMass
Maggie Goodwin 2021 MD F/M WCU
Ashley Hart 2021 MA M UMass
Alexandra Hillenbrand 2019 NJ D UMass
Greta Hinke 2022 WI M/D UMass
Karissa Hough 2020 PA M WCU
Carly Hynd 2021 PA M UMass
Madison Jewell 2019 PA M WCU
Hannah Johnston 2020 VA GK WCU
Mia Kaldenbaugh 2019 MA F/M UMass
Shaelyn Kobrynich 2020 PA F/M WCU
Ella Kokinis 2023 MD M WCU
Amy Lanouette 2022 NH M/D UMass
Emily Loeb 2020 IL GK UMass
Samantha Maresca 2021 NY GK WCU
Andrea Marguerite 2020 MA F/M UMass
Meghan McGinley 2021 PA M UMass
Hanna Medwar 2021 MA F/M UMass
Emily Mentink 2019 CA GK UMass
Macy Miller 2020 MD F WCU
Ashley Moskal 2021 NJ M/D WCU
Maddie Mullaney 2021 MA M UMass
Riley O’Connor 2021 MA GK UMass
Madison O’Hare 2021 NH F/M WCU
Rachel Place 2020 MA M/D UMass
Marissa Politano 2022 MA F UMass
Cassidy Puleo 2021 CA M/D UMass
Olivia Quagliero 2021 NJ F/M UMass
Alana Richardson 2021 MA M UMass
Taryn Ringer 2021 NY F/M UMass
Natalie Rocuskie 2020 PA F WCU
Sophia Rosati 2020 MA F/M UMass
Emma Rosensteel 2021 PA F/M WCU
Emma Schwarz 2021 PA M WCU
Sidney Snyder 2020 MD M WCU
Justine Spedden 2019 MA D UMass
Lanie Stem 2021 PA F/M/D WCU
Ellie Todd 2022 MA GK UMass
Marianna Toljan 2019 RI D UMass
Emma Valinote 2020 PA GK WCU
Ella Wareham 2021 WI M UMass
Caroline Wisch 2021 PA F WCU
Jenna Wyckoff 2021 NJ F/M WCU
Kate Zamagni 2021 MA F/M UMass


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