2016-2017 Final National
Top 20 U14 Club Rankings

Windy City
IL – Region 10

South Jersey Edge
NJ – Region 6

PA – Region 5

MD– Region 7

MI – Region 9

CT – NE Region

Central Penn
PA – Region 5

Hawks Premier
VA – Region 8

Seacoast United
NH – NE Region

WI – Region 10

  VA – Region 8

  KY – Region 9

New Heights
NJ – Region 6

Northeast Elite
NH – NE Region

Shore Byrds
DE – Region 7

  KY – Region 9

Spirit of USA
  NJ – Region 6

WC Eagles
PA – Region 5

PA – Region 5

VA– Region 8

NJ– Region 6

Freedom HKY
MD – Region 7


The above Top 20 U14 National Club Rankings are a sneak peak into MAX Field Hockey’s Final 2016-2017 Club Rankings!  Check The Field Hockey Network mobile app Youth/Club Channel now for more sneak peaks of the Top 20 U16 & U19 age group National Rankings!  The complete rankings will be released on MAXFieldhockey.com Friday and will include full club and age group rankings as well as national, regional and state rankings.

MAX Field Hockey’s club rankings are a point-based scoring system that take into consideration results from 10 of the largest club hockey events across the country hosted by a combination of Shooting Star, USA Field Hockey, NFHCA, and Junior Premier Hockey.  The National Club Rankings are based on the combined club total of U14 + U16 + U19 points.