Congratulations to the inaugural Region 1-4 JPOL Champions!



2017 New York/New England Region 1-4: U19

1st Place: WNY Whalers
2nd Place: ADK
3rd Place: Strong Island
4th Place: CNY

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Shannon Quinlan (WNY Whalers) – 7 goals
Amanda Strenk (Syracuse FHC) – 7 goals
Gianna Palma (WNY Whalers) – 4 goals
Emma Brushingham (Syracuse FHC) – 3 goals

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2017 New York/New England Region 1-4: U16

1st Place: CNY
2nd Place: ADK
3rd Place: Buffalo Hurricanes
4th Place: WNY Whalers

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Anna Castaldo (CNY) – 5 goals
Meghan Schramm (ADK) – 5 goals
Brenna Bough (CNY) – 4 goals
Maggie Kelkenberg (WNY Whalers) – 3 goals
Olivia Kempf (Buffalo Hurricanes) – 3 goals
Julianna Kuzmich (ADK) – 3 goals

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