UPDATED MARCH 2022:  We are accepting player feedback and recommendations for our next round of Player Rankings through April 15th.  This is completely voluntary and players do not have to receive a recommendation, but we do take the information we receive into consideration.  We will be updating rankings this spring for the Classes of 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025.  The exact dates these will be released is TBD.

To submit feedback/recommendations- email admin@maxfieldhockey.com and include the players name, grad year, state, high school, club, college commitment (if one) and your relationship/experience working with the player.  We appreciate field hockey specific feedback on the player and please try to be specific in comparison to other players, club members, conferences, the state you are in, schools recruiting the player, etc.  We are looking for the TOP players across the country and need specific and relevant information to consider that player to be among the top players in her state, region and country for her age group.

The following is a generalization of the type of athlete you might find ranked in each category (these are not requirements):

Top 5/10
*Top recruits in the country- being heavily recruited by Top 10/20 college programs already
*Members of a Junior National Team or just missed the cut
*High School Americans, All-Region, All-state players
*Already is or will be one of the top players in her state
*Not a player who is under the radar, these players have already established themselves to be the top of their class

Top 50
*Highly recruited/top recruits in the country- expected to commit to ~Top 20 college programs
*Junior National Camp participants or just missed the cut
*High School All-American, All-Region, All-State, All-Conference
*Expected to make an impact at the top college level eventually

Next 50/Watch List
*Many of the same achievements as Top 50 but newer to the scene or to our radar, just missed the Top 50 cut, or still developing
*Solid Division I potential
*Player we see as having potential to move up our list in the future

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting feedback on a player who is not yet ranked, please make sure they have completed a MAX Field Hockey Player Profile so that we have all of their info.