*New download required*

We have switched mobile app providers and developed a brand new and improved “Field Hockey Network” mobile app that is now available to download for Apple & Android devices!

If you are one of the 3,200+ people that have the “The Field Hockey Network” mobile app currently on your phone or ipad, you can delete that icon/app.  You will then need to download the new “Field Hockey Network” mobile app from the app store (see links below).  It is once again FREE and it is even easier to download and use- no registration is required like the last app.

We are incredibly excited about the flexibility and improved functionality of the new app!  Check out the screenshots below to preview some of it’s features.

This is a MUST-HAVE app for any field hockey player, parent, coach or fan!!  

About the Field Hockey Network mobile app

The Field Hockey Network mobile app is a product of MAX Field Hockey and a complimentary mobile app to the website MAXFieldHockey.com. 

The FHN brings together the best of MAX Field Hockey’s High School/Club content with the major news and content from the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA), USA Field Hockey, and the FIH.

Keep up with all that is going on in and around the sport of field hockey in ONE place!



**With the new app, we have a lot more flexibility.  This is our initial launch.  The format and content of the app will evolve as we move forward and we will be adding and improving the content and tools available to you within it!

“LATEST NEWS” FEATURE: The latest news from MAXFieldHockey.com, NFHCA.org, USA Field Hockey, and the FIH are organized by tabs.  When you click on a news story, it opens up a teaser and link to read the full story- all within the app for your convenience.  If you opt in on the push notifications, you will be notified when a new story is posted (you can change this at anytime in your settings).