The Junior Premier Outdoor League (JPOL) is a competitive USA Field Hockey sanctioned club league that is run by Junior Premier Hockey during the months of April, May and June.  Teams compete in full field 11v11 play within their regions at the U16 and U19 age divisions and in one combined region at the U14 age division (regions 5, 6, 7, 8).

JPOL Competing Regions
Region 5: Pennsylvania
Region 6: New Jersey
Region 7: Chesapeake
Region 8: South
Region 9/10: Midwest

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2016 JPOL Champions & Award Winners

 Division Champions MVP Top Scorer
 R5-U19 XCalibur (PA) Mackenzie Allesie (Alley Cats) Cassie Hunter (XCalibur)
 R5-U16 XCalibur (PA) Kara McClure (XCalibur) Sophie Gladieux (XCalibur)
 R6-U19 Princeton FHC (NJ) Julianna Tornetta (Princeton FHC) Sammy Popper (Princeton FHC)
 R6-U16 South Jersey Edge (NJ) Avery Powell (South Jersey Edge) Kyle Kirby (FC United)/
Avery Powell (South Jersey Edge)
 R7-U19 Freedom HKY (MD) Kyler Greenwalt (Freedom HKY) Erin Shanahan (The Gaels)
 R7-U16 TNT (MD) Anna Smarrelli (Freedom HKY) Abigail Carpenter (Freedom HKY)/
Emily Eckel (SPark)/
Mackenzie McKillop (TNT)
 R8-U19 TCOYO (VA) Sydney Keating (Rampage) Riley Fulmer (TCOYO)
 R8-U16 TCOYO (VA) Brooke Gasser (TCOYO) Evie Hanson (Saints)
 R9/10-U19 Pinnacle FH (MI) Abbey Hutton (Pinnacle) Mattie Tabor (Stealth)/
Jillian Shive (FH Life)/
Liese Wareham (Milwaukee FHC)
 R9/10-U16  Windy City (IL) Abby Renaud (Windy City) Emily Christian (IFHCK)
XCalibur (PA) Audrey Ross (Uprise FH) Drew Taylor (XCalibur)