MAX Field Hockey’s Division I, II and III College Schedule & Score Centrals are up and running and ready for this weekend’s action!

To access schedules and scores, select “COLLEGE” from the top menu bar and select “Schedules/Scores” for the Division you are interested in viewing.  There you can access 1) Upcoming Games, 2) Recent Results, and 3) Full Team Schedules.


You can also view them here:

Division I Schedules/Scores

Division II Schedules/Scores

Division III Schedules/Scores


Upcoming Games:
Upcoming Games will be done for a week at a time.  For a specific day’s games, you will find a “<Stats>” link that will open each game’s live game tracker.  This is so you can always access game scores while they are going on or after they are completed in one click, even if we haven’t updated the final score yet.  If a live game tracker is not available for a game, we have linked to the home team’s schedule page.

Recent Results:
Recent Results will be done for a week at a time.  We will be inputting each day’s scores as often and quickly as possible to provide you with the fastest central source of college scores by division!

View Complete Team Schedules:
At the bottom of each Schedule/Scores page is a directory of the schools in that Division.  Click on the name of a school to access that school’s official field hockey schedule.

Note about MAX Field Hockey Mobile App:
We are in the process of updating the college schedule/score links on our mobile app.  Since we switched over to a new content management system these links changed.  We are working hard to get this done asap.  In the meantime, now that our website is mobile friendly, simply use the site to access schedules and scores!