TOP 20 MATCH-UPS [View latest Division I Coaches Poll]

#3 North Carolina- 1 @ #18 Boston College- 2

#4 Penn State- 4 @#16 Iowa- 3

#10 Princeton- 0 @ #14 Virginia- 2

#5 Connecticut- 2 @ #13 Old Dominion- 1

#2 Duke- 2 @ #6 Louisville- 1

#3 North Carolina- 3 @ #20 Maine- 1

#1 Syracuse- 4 @ #11 Wake Forest- 2

#5 Connecticut- 8 @ #14 Virginia- 0




Northwestern @Ohio State- FINAL: 5-1 Northwestern <Stats>
North Carolina @Boston College- FINAL: 2-1 Boston College <Stats>
Vermont @Dartmouth- FINAL: 4-1 Dartmouth<Stats>
La Salle @Lock Haven- FINAL: 1-0 La Salle <Stats>
Saint Louis @Massachusetts- FINAL: 12-0 Massachusetts <Stats>
Saint Joseph’s @Monmouth- FINAL: 3-0 Monmouth <Stats>
Georgetown @Quinnipiac- FINAL: 4-2 Quinnipiac<Stats>
Penn State @Iowa- FINAL: 4-3 Penn State <Stats>
Sacred Heart @Brown- FINAL: 5-2 Brown <Stats>
Penn @Fairfield- FINAL: 2-1 2OT Penn <Stats>
Bryant @Maine- FINAL: 2-0 Maine <Stats>
Liberty @Villanova- FINAL: 5-1 Liberty<Stats>
Princeton @Virginia- FINAL: 2-0 Virginia <Stats>
UMass-Lowell @Siena- FINAL: 5-2 UMass-Lowell <Stats>
Connecticut @Old Dominion- FINAL: 2-1 Connecticut <Stats>
William & Mary @Richmond- FINAL: 3-0 William & Mary<Stats>
VCU @Davidson- FINAL: 3-2 VCU <Stats>
Northeastern @Harvard- FINAL: 4-3 Northeastern<Stats>
New Hampshire @James Madison- FINAL: 5-2 James Madison <Stats>
Towson @Lafayette- FINAL: 2-0 Lafayette <Stats>
Duke @Louisville- FINAL: 2-1 Duke<Stats>
Michigan @Michigan State- FINAL: 4-1 Michigan <Stats>
Providence @Temple- FINAL: 3-2 OT Providence<Stats>
Columbia @Delaware- FINAL: 8-2 Delaware <Stats>
Drexel @UC Davis- FINAL: 3-1 Drexel <Stats>


Ball State vs Penn State- FINAL: 7-0 Penn State <Stats>
Yale @Albany- FINAL: 2-1 Albany <Stats>
American @Holy Cross- FINAL: 8-1 American <Stats>
Bucknell @Lehigh- FINAL: 2-1 Bucknell <Stats>
Colgate @Boston U- FINAL: 9-0 Boston U <Stats>
Rider @Hofstra- FINAL: 5-1 Hofstra <Stats>
Indiana @Maryland- FINAL: 4-1 Maryland <Stats>
Longwood @Appalachian St- FINAL: 4-1 Longwood <Stats>


Dartmouth @Sacred Heart- FINAL: 3-0 Dartmouth <Stats>
North Carolina @Maine- FINAL: 3-1 North Carolina<Stats>
Colgate @Brown- FINAL: 4-0 Brown <Stats>
Fairfield @Columbia- FINAL: 3-2 Columbia<Stats>
Indiana @Delaware- FINAL: 5-4 Delaware<Stats>
Northwestern @Kent State- FINAL: 4-1 Northwestern <Stats>
La Salle @Saint Joseph’s – FINAL: 2-0 Saint Joseph’s<Stats>
LIU Brooklyn @Towson- FINAL: 3-1 <Stats>
Saint Louis @UMass-Lowell- FINAL: 9-2 UMass-Lowell <Stats>
Syracuse @Wake Forest- FINAL: 4-2 Syracuse<Stats>
Ohio @Villanova- FINAL: 5-3 Villanova<Stats>
Connecticut @Virginia- FINAL: 8-0 Connecticut <Stats>
VCU @Appalachian St- FINAL: 5-1 VCU <Stats>
William & Mary @Davidson- FINAL: 3-2 OT Shootout William & Mary <Stats>
Providence @Lehigh- FINAL: 1-0 Providence <Stats>
Ohio State @Louisville- FINAL: 2-1 Louisville <Stats>
Duke @Miami (OH)- FINAL: 3-0 Duke <Stats>
Central Michigan @Michigan- FINAL: 10-0 Michigan <Stats>
James Madison @Old Dominion- FINAL: 2-1 James Madison <Stats>
Richmond @Saint Francis- FINAL: 2-1 Richmond <Stats>
Monmouth @Temple- FINAL: 3-2 Monmouth <Stats>
Bryant @Vermont- FINAL: 4-2 Vermont <Stats>
Northeastern @Boston College- FINAL: 8-1 Boston College<Stats>
Ball State @Iowa- FINAL: 4-1 Iowa <Stats>
Cornell @Lock Haven- FINAL: 4-0 Cornell <Stats>
Harvard @Massachusetts- FINAL: 3-1 Massachusetts <Stats>
Georgetown @Yale- FINAL: 4-2 Yale <Stats>
Drexel @Pacific – FINAL: 6-1 Pacific<Stats>
Bucknell @Quinnipiac- FINAL: 3-2 OT Bucknell <Stats>


TOP 10 MATCH-UPS [View latest Division II Rankings]

#1 East Stroudsburg- 1 @ #2 Shippensburg- 0

#4 Kutztown- 0 @ #6 Millersville- 1 (2OT)



Lindenwood @Belmont Abbey- FINAL: 4-0 Lindenwood <Stats>
Newberry @Limestone- FINAL: 3-0 Limestone <Stats>


Lindenwood @Queens- FINAL: 3-2 OT Queens <Stats>
Saint Michael’s @Stonehill- FINAL: 5-2 Stonehill <Stats>
LIU Post @Merrimack- FINAL: 2-1 OT LIU Post <Stats>
Kutztown @Millersville- FINAL: 1-0 2OT Millersville <Stats>
Mansfield @Seton Hill- FINAL: 2-1 OT Seton Hill <Stats>
East Stroudsburg @Shippensburg- FINAL: 1-0 East Stroudsburg <Stats>
Bellarmine @Slippery Rock- FINAL: 5-2 Slippery Rock<Stats>
Molloy @St. Thomas Aquinas- FINAL: 1-0 ST. Thomas Aquinas <Stats>
Assumption @Franklin Pierce- FINAL: 1-0 Assumption <Stats>
Bloomsburg @IUP- FINAL: 2-1 IUP <Stats>
Saint Anselm @Pace- FINAL: 3-2 OT Saint Anselm <Stats>
Bentley @Southern New Hampshire- FINAL: 3-0 Bentley <Stats>
Mercyhurst @West Chester- FINAL: 7-0 West Chester <Stats>
AIC @Southern Connecticut- FINAL: 2-0 AIC <Stats>


Molloy @East Stroudsburg- FINAL:4-0 East Stroudsburg <Stats>
Bellarmine @IUP- FINAL: 3-0 IUP <Stats>
Queens @Limestone- FINAL: 1-0 OT Limestone <Stats>
Saint Anselm @Mercy- FINAL: 3-1 Saint Anselm <Stats>


TOP 20 MATCH-UPS [View latest Division III Coaches Poll]

#18 Amherst- 2 @ #2 Middlebury- 3 (2OT)

#7 Montclair State- 0 @ #16 Skidmore- 3



Geneseo @Cortland- FINAL: 5-2 Cortland <Stats>
Morrisville @New Paltz- FINAL: 3-0 New Paltz<Stats>
Eastern Mennonite @Denison- FINAL: 5-0 Denison <Stats>
Hood @Sweet Briar- FINAL: 10-0 Hood <Stats>
Concordia-Wisconsin @Houghton- FINAL: 3-1 Houghton<Stats>
Earlham @Wooster- FINAL: 3-2 Wooster<Stats>
Babson @Clark- FINAL: 4-0 Babson <Stats>
Washington College @Johns Hopkins- FINAL: 2-1 OT Johns Hopkins<Stats>
Immaculata @King’s- FINAL: 6-1 King’s <Stats>
Salem State @Worcester State- FINAL: 7-1 Worcester State <Stats>



Wilkes @Alvernia- FINAL: 4-1 Alvernia<Stats>
Concordia-Wisconsin @Denison- FINAL: 5-0 Denison<Stats>
Haverford @Dickinson- FINAL: 2-1 Dickinson <Stats>
UMass-Dartmouth @Fitchburg State- FINAL: 4-3 OT Fitchburg State<Stats>
Trinity @Hamilton- FINAL: 4-3 OT Trinity <Stats>
Brockport @Hartwick- FINAL: 1-0 Hartwick <Stats>
Amherst @Middlbury- FINAL: 3-2 2OT Middlebury <Stats>
Earlham @Oberlin- FINAL: 4-3 OT Shootout Earlham <Stats>
Mount Ida @Simmons- FINAL: 6-0 Simmons <Stats>
Manhattanville @William Smith- FINAL: 4-0 William Smith <Stats>
Colby @Williams- FINAL: 2-1 Colby<Stats>
DePauw @Wooster- FINAL: 6-5 DePauw <Stats>
Smith @WPI- FINAL: 2-1 Smith <Stats>
Scranton @Arcadia- FINAL: 2-0 Scranton <Stats>
Swarthmore @Franklin & Marshall- FINAL: 2-0 Franklin & Marshall<Stats>
Transylvania @Hendrix- FINAL: 3-2 Hendrix <Stats>
Ohio Wesleyan @Kenyon- FINAL: 2-0 Kenyon <Stats>
Elms @Lasell- FINAL: 4-0 Lasell <Stats>
Washington & Jefferson @Nazareth- FINAL: 4-1 Washington & Jefferson<Stats>
Centre @Rhodes- FINAL: 2-1 Rhodes <Stats>
Anna Maria @Rivier- FINAL: 3-1 Anna Maria <Stats>
Westfield State @Southern Maine- FINAL: 1-0 Westfield State<Stats>
Mount Holyoke @Thomas- FINAL: 2-1 Mount Holyoke <Stats>
Bates @Tufts – FINAL: 2-0 Tufts <Stats>
Frostburg State @Virginia Wesleyan- FINAL: 4-0 Frostburg State<Stats>
Bowdoin @Wesleyan- FINAL: 4-0 Bowdoin <Stats>
Wellesley @Wheaton- FINAL: 5-0 Wellesley <Stats>
Juniata @York- FINAL: 2-1 2OT Juniata <Stats>
Union @Babson- FINAL: 2-0 Babson <Stats>
Plymouth State @Bridgewater State- FINAL: 5-2 Plymouth State<Stats>
Becker @Colby-Sawyer (1:00 PM) <Stats>
Drew @Delaware Valley- FINAL: 2-1 2OT Drew <Stats>
Houghton @Elmira- FINAL: 1-0 Houghton <Stats>
Salve Regina @Gordon- FINAL: 3-2 Salve Regina <Stats>
Stockton @Goucher (1:00 PM) <Stats>
Lynchburg @Mary Washington- FINAL: 4-1 Mary Washington<Stats>
TCNJ @Messiah- FINAL: 4-2 Messiah <Stats>
Springfield @MIT- FINAL; 4-2 MIT<Stats>
FDU @Moravian- FINAL; 3-0 FDU<Stats>
Regis @New England College- FINAL: 3-2 OT Shootout Regis <Stats>
Randolph-Macon @Roanoke- FINAL; 5-2 Roanoke<Stats>
Eastern @Rowan- FINAL: 4-1 Rowan <Stats>
Montclair State @Skidmore- FINAL: 3-0 Skidmore <Stats>
Ithaca @Stevens- FINAL: 2-1 Stevens <Stats>
St. Mary’s-MD @Susquehanna- FINAL: 3-2 Susquehanna <Stats>
Western New England @U of New England – FINAL: 7-0 U of New England <Stats>
Ramapo @Vassar- FINAL: 6-0 Vassar <Stats>
Sewanee @Washington & Lee- FINAL: 7-1 Washington & Lee<Stats>
DeSales @William Paterson- FINAL: 3-2 2OT DeSales<Stats>
Bay Path @Cedar Crest- FINAL: 8-0 Cedar Crest<Stats>
Bridgwater @Christopher Newport- FINAL: 1-0 Bridgewater <Stats>
Eastern Connecticut @Framingham State- FINAL: 3-0 Eastern Connecticut <Stats>
St. Joseph’s-Maine @Johnson & Wales- FINAL: 2-1 Johnson & Wales <Stats>
Catholic @Misericordia- FINAL: 2-1 Catholic <Stats>
Lebanon Valley @St. Lawrence- FINAL: 1-0 Lebanon Valley <Stats>
Rochester @Oneonta- FINAL: 3-1 Rochester <Stats>
Elizabethtown @Gwynedd Mercy – FINAL: 2-1 OT Elizabethtown <Stats>
St. John Fisher @Utica- FINAL: 1-0 St. John Fisher <Stats>
Endicott @Roger Williams- FINAL: 2-0 Endicott <Stats>
Ursinus @Gettysburg- FINAL: 6-2 Ursinus <Stats>
Bryn Mawr @Wells- FINAL: 3-2 2OT Wells <Stats>
Neumann @Kean- FINAL: 4-1 Kean<Stats>
Cabrini @Salisbury- FINAL: 6-0 Salisbury <Stats>
Keene State @Western Connecticut – FINAL: 6-1 Keene State<Stats>
Shenandoah @Stevenson- FINAL: 2-1 Stevenson <Stats>



Concordia-Wisconsin vs Eastern Mennonite- FINAL: 4-2 Concordia<Stats>
St. Lawrence vs Manhattanville- FINAL: 3-2 Manhattanville <Stats>
Sewanee @Ferrum- FINAL: 2-1 Ferrum<Stats>
Centre @Hendrix- FINAL: 10-1 Centre <Stats>
DePauw @Oberlin- FINAL: 7-2 DePauw <Stats>
Transylvania @Rhodes – FINAL: 3-0 Rhodes <Stats>
King’s @Scranton- FINAL: 2-0 King’s <Stats>
Marywood @Wells- FINAL: 3-0 Marywood<Stats>
Washington College @Washington & Lee-FINAL: 2-0 Washington & Lee<Stats>
Goucher @Johns Hopkins – FINAL: 2-1 OT Johns Hopkins <Stats>
Wittenberg @Kenyon- FINAL: 2-1 OT Kenyon <Stats>
New Paltz @Skidmore- FINAL: 2-0 Skidmore <Stats>
Montclair State @RPI – FINAL: 1-0 OT RPI <Stats>
Lebanon Valley @William Smith- FINAL: 4-3 2OT Lebanon Valley <Stats>