MAX Field Hockey’s Top 100 Players to Watch for the Class of 2023 will now be released either tomorrow, Wednesday, or Thursday.  We are waiting on some last minute feedback to trickle in (which was delayed by coaches being at NITs) to decide our final couple of spots!  We also were originally only going to do a Top 50 or Top 75, and have decided to expand to a full Top 100.  Thank you for your patience.  Once we complete the Class of 2023 we will move onto the Class of 2022.  That should take us about 2 weeks to complete.

The more we do these, the more great players we learn about, the more connections we make to info, the more player profiles we have to go through, the more feedback we have to sort through, the more feedback we have to seek.  A great problem to have access to all of this information, but it does in turn take a bit longer!