We have begun working on our first ever Class of 2022 Player Rankings Watch List.  These are the rising freshmen in high school this Fall.  172 players are on our initial players being considered list and we will continue to build upon this list in the weeks to come.  Our final Class of 2022 Player Rankings Watch List will be released on Friday, August 17th.  The exact number of players that will be on the list is still to be determined.  It will most likely be somewhere between 50-100 players.


The following is an overview of how our players being considered list was compiled (please note that for a player to be considered and ranked, they do NOT have to be/make one of the following)- players could have made one of the following in 2017 or 2018:

  1. Current Junior National Team Rosters (Indoor & Outdoor)
  2. Stars & Stripes Elite Game Participants, STX Select Tournament Participants
  3. NFCs & AAU Junior Olympics
  4. Under Armour Select Game
  5. MAX Field Hockey’s Player Profile Database

With our players being considered list now compiled (see below), we are beginning to seek feedback from both high school and club coaches and also from various Top 20 Division I coaches and individuals who work with and/or recruit the top players across the country.  There is no formula to share- player rankings are subjective and we try our best to be fair and comprehensive in ranking players from all parts of the country.  We have been covering the different areas and levels of youth, club and high school field hockey for almost 5 years now and have a knowledge base of top players from this coverage that we rely on heavily in completing our Player Rankings.

High School/Club Coaches: Learn how to make a player recommendation

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The following is our initial list of players being considered for the Class of 2022 Player Rankings.  NOTE: This list does not include all players who have completed a Player Profile yet.

If you are included below and already have a player profile, please update it now with your latest information.  We have updated the formatting and information included: -Update Player Profile-

If you are included below and do not have a player profile, please create one now so we have your latest information to consider when making our selections: -Create Player Profile-

If you are not listed below and already have created a player profile (don’t worry- you will be considered!), please update it now with your latest information.  We have updated the formatting and information included: -Update Player Profile-

If you are not included on the list below and would like to be considered, please create a player profile: -Create Player Profile-

Sophia Abate NJ
Lucy Adams MA
Erica Babitts (GK) NJ
Zella Bailey VA
Candela Barletti FL
Lucy Barratt CT
Izzy Bianco NJ
Sophia Bica NY
Paige Bitting PA
Bella Bobe (GK) PA
Zoe Bormet MI
Presley Breslow CA
Julia Bressler PA
Skyler Brown VA
Alison Buffington PA
Brecken Calcari MO
Lillian Cantabene PA
Ava Carlson (GK) NJ
Ava Cickavage NJ
Zita Cohen CT
Hannah Colavita-Jones (GK) NJ
Vasiliki Constantine VA
Kathryn Corcoran PA
Mora Costa NJ
Jessica Courtright MI
Cooper Coyle IL
Brynn Crouse PA
Madelyn Curtis VA
Anna Dankel NJ
Sloan Davidson TX
Kelly Davis (GK) MD
Kylie Dawson NJ
Zoe Day MD
Hope Delaney PA
Therese Delp MD
Kathryn Denham (GK) KY
Alexa Derr PA
Lindsay Devine NJ
Casey Lynn Dewald PA
Carly DiMock MA
Leah DiRenzo (GK) NJ
Anna-Kate Domingue VA
Bridget Donovan MD
Emily Dvorsky NJ
Kalena Eaton NY
Kendall Eggleston NY
Zoe Eliades NY
Madison Epke CT
Natalie Epperson WI
Julia Epstein IL
Nina Faupel (GK) MI
Kyleigh Faust PA
Madison Ferry (GK) NJ
Katie Fichtner MD
Natali Foster PA
Violeta Francese NY
Olivia Galiotos VA
Alexa Ganocy CA
Sophia Ganocy CA
Mia Garber PA
Madeline Geduldig (GK) PA
Pauline Gineste (GK) VA
Taylor Giugliano NY
Mimi Gordon IL
Victoria Griffiths NJ
Ava Guerrero (GK) NC
Lana Hamilton MD
Isabelle Hass KY
Ashley Hawk (GK) PA
Ryleigh Heck NJ
Savanna Henderson MD
Greta Hinke WI
Garner Hostnik MO
Madeline Hudson PA
Margaret Jancerak (GK) NJ
Morgan Kallman CA
Lauren Kane PA
Bella Katab (GK) CA
Makayla Kegerreis MI
Lauren Kenah PA
Caroline Krebs KY
Haley Kruse (GK) KY
Hadley Kuzmicky KY
Clara Lacek PA
Vivienne Lachaux TX
Amy Lanouette NH
Rebecca Lawn MD
Madison Leeper NY
Monique Lipton VA
Makenna Lowe NY
Kaylie Lynch NY
Ashlin McConnell NJ
Joelle McElroy NJ
Kelsey McGrattan CA
Bailey McIntyre MA
Morgan McMenamin PA
Alaina McVeigh PA
Cameron Medinger MD
Daniela Mendez-Trendler MD
Hannah Merritt NY
Ava Mickel MD
Emma Miller PA
Reese Momorella VA
Sofia Mongillo MA
Nicolette Morlock NY
Anna Mozeleski PA
Emma Muchow NY
Klara Mueffelman CT
Mia Karine Myklebust CA
Lina Neilson NJ
Abigail Neitch (GK) NY
Caroline Nemec CT
Kristen Newman MD
Alaina Nichols VA
Sadie Norman NY
Brooke Nye MA
Fiene Oerlemans CA
Katherine Oliver MO
Zoe Onken (GK) MA
Audrey Pace (GK) CA
Danielle Palmer NY
Ashley Pappas VA
Elizabeth Parsons KY
Lexi Pellegrino MA
Madelynne Perkins ME
Alice Pifferi DE
Kiara Polifka CA
Marissa Politano MA
Emma Poplyk MA
Grace Pottebaum MO
Gabrielle Raichle (GK) NJ
Emma Reynolds OH
Peyton Rieger NJ
Lindsey Roberts PA
Hailey Roethel NY
Skylar Santucci NJ
Talia Schenck NJ
Lindsay Schiavone KY
Grace Schmelzinger NY
Sophia Schoonmaker NY
Grayson Scott VA
Ashley Sessa PA
Abigail Shim VA
Alexandra Shizas NJ
Ella Shockley DE
Madison Shorey (GK) MA
Nora Simmons PA
Mia Smith NY
Gabriella Sousa MA
Abigail Spear (GK) VA
Olivia Stocks VA
Emily Stoessel NY
Emmy Stubbs TX
Madison Summitt NJ
Caitlynn Szarko MD
Macy Szukics PA
Abigail Taylor (GK) NC
Davin Testo (GK) NY
Rachel Thetford VA
Lilly Thieberg TX
Ellie Todd (GK) MA
Isabella Tolman CA
Blakely Trapani NY
Sophia Vadnais NY
Margaret Volpe IL
Katya Vrijen (GK) CA
Kelly Westervelt NY
Megan Wetzel TX
Charlotte Winegarden MI
Rylie Wollerton VA
Allison Wood (GK) PA
Naomi York VA