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Overview of Class of 2021 Player Rankings
Class of 2021 Player Rankings Initial List of Players Being Considered
How to Create & Update a Player Profile to be Considered
High School & Club Coach Feedback Now Being Accepted

We have begun working on our first ever Class of 2021 Player Rankings.  These are the current freshmen in high school and are a very talented bunch as the sport continues to grow and develop strong players across the country at a younger and younger age.

We like to begin working on our player rankings before we determine exactly what categories we will be naming.  At a minimum, we will be naming a Top 5, Top 50 and Watch List.  There is a chance this will be expanded to more if we see the talent level is deserving.

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Class of 2018

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Class of 2020

The following is an overview of how our players being considered list was compiled (please note that for a player to be considered and ranked, they do NOT have to be/make one of the following):

  1. Current Junior National Team Rosters– we sort through the current U17, U19, and U21 rosters (outdoor and indoor) for players in the class of 2021 (we also have last year’s lists and will pull names from them as well)
  2. STX Select Tournament–  any 2021s that competed in the STX Select U17 Tournament this past December (we also have last year’s list and will pull names from that as well)
  3. NFCs & AAU Junior Olympics- any 2021s that competed in this past summer’s U14 or U16 NFCs (we also add alternates to the list) and we make note of who was selected for the AAU Junior Olympics
  4. Under Armour Select Game- any players in the Class of 2021 that were selected to the 2017 Under Armour Select Game
  5. MAX Field Hockey High School All-Region Selections- any freshmen standouts who were selected First or Second Team All-Region by us this past Fall.  We also will expand this to the players on our lists that we considered for All-Region, but just missed the cut.
  6. High School All-State Selections- WHEN FEASIBLE, we may sift through some of the All-State lists or major conference award lists and pull out the freshmen.  This is often incredibly time consuming as year is not usually listed with the awards and there are so many awards each Fall across the country.
  7. MAX Field Hockey’s Player Profile Database– We will filter out the Class of 2021 player profiles from our Player Profile Database and add them to our list.

With our players being considered list now compiled (see below), we are beginning to seek feedback from both high school and club coaches and also from various Top 20 Division I coaches and individuals who work with and/or recruit the top players across the country.  There is no formula to share- player rankings are subjective and we try our best to be fair and comprehensive in ranking players from all parts of the country.  We have been covering the different areas and levels of youth, club and high school field hockey for almost 5 years now and have a knowledge base of top players from this coverage that we rely on heavily in completing our Player Rankings.

High School/Club Coaches: See below on how to make a player recommendation

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Now Accepting Feedback and Recommendations
From High School & Club Coaches

We are now accepting feedback and recommendations from Club and High School Coaches for the Class of 2021.  This is completely voluntary and players do not have to receive a recommendation, but we do take the information we receive into consideration.

To submit feedback/recommendations- email [email protected] and include the players name, grad year, state, high school, club, college commitment (if one) and your relationship/experience working with the player.  We appreciate field hockey specific feedback on the player and please try to be specific in comparison to other players, club members, conferences, the state you are in, schools recruiting the player, etc.  We are looking for the TOP players across the country and need specific and relevant information to consider that player to be among the top players in her state, region and country for her age group.

The following is a generalization of the type of athlete you might find ranked in each category (these are not requirements):

Top 5/10
*Top recruits in the country- being heavily recruited by Top 10/20 college programs already
*Members of a Junior National Team or just missed the cut, STX Select Tournament participants
*High School Americans, All-Region, All-state players
*Already is or will be one of the top players in her state
*Not a player who is under the radar, these players have already established themselves to be the top of the class of 2021

Top 50
*Highly recruited/top recruits in the country- expected to commit to ~Top 20 college programs
*Junior National Camp participants, Stars & Stripe selections or just missed the cut
*High School All-American, All-Region, All-State, All-Conference
*Expected to make an impact at the top college level eventually

Next 50/Watch List
*Many of the same achievements as Top 50 but newer to the scene or to our radar, just missed the Top 50 cut, or still developing
*Solid Division I potential
*Player we see as having potential to move up our list in the future



The following is our initial list of players being considered for the Class of 2021 Player Rankings.  NOTE: This list does not include all players who have completed a Player Profile yet.

If you are included below and already have a player profile, please update it now with your latest information.  We have updated the formatting and information included: -Update Player Profile-

If you are included below and do not have a player profile, please create one now so we have your latest information to consider when making our selections: -Create Player Profile-

If you are not listed below and already have created a player profile (don’t worry- you will be considered!), please update it now with your latest information.  We have updated the formatting and information included: -Update Player Profile-

If you are not included on the list below and would like to be considered, please create a player profile: -Create Player Profile-


Sofia Acosta PA
Laine Ambrose CT
Tyler Argilagos NJ
Ashley Arnold PA
Lily Baker MO
Elise Bearance NY
Katherine Blaisdell NH
Rebecca Bonness PA
Morgan Bradford DE
Avery Braynton CT
Clare Brennan IL
Abigail Breznyak ME
Hallie Brost VA
Alexis Browell MA
Ella Buchanan (GK) NY
Emily Bullard (GK) PA
Shelby Bumgarner MD
Bryn Burnham MA
Julia Cavicchio NJ
Innayat Chahal CA
Ruby Clark KY
Rease Coleman NY
Regan Cornelius OH
Hanna Corrigan NY
Samantha Crochetiere NH
Jans Croon CA
Kathryn Daniels (GK) VA
Logan Dean MD
Leah Decker NY
Isabella Delnegro MA
Katherine Devine MA
Hailey Dewey CA
Gurnoor Dhaliwal VA
Kate Distefano VA
Grace Donahue MA
Juliana Donato NJ
Aiden Drabick PA
Amanda Duke PA
Elana Eisenberg CA
Isabella Ernster WI
Casey Etter NJ
Cameron Evans VA
Emma Evans (GK) VA
Sophie Everett CA
Marygrace Farrell CT
Kyleigh Faust PA
Kelsey Felix (GK) PA
Emily Fleming NY
Elle Freedman NC
Sophie Freedman CT
Katherine Fricke (GK) NJ
Pyper Friedman MD
Peyton Gahm KY
Cecilia Gazelle (GK) MD
Elsa Goldsberry (GK) IL
Maggie Goodwin MD
Hanke Govaert NY
Lauren Graham WI
Lily Grant MD
Claire Grenis (GK) NY
Samantha Grimes VA
Julia Hall CO
Lilly Harris IL
Ashley Hart MA
Sydney Heitmann KY
Annika Herbine PA
Regan Hillery NY
Haley Holland VA
Juliana Holland MD
Lauren Hunter PA
Carly Hynd PA
Jenna Jaehnig CA
Safa Jan WI
Megan Joel NJ
Casey Johnson KY
Genevieve Johnson VA
Morgan Johnson MD
Sarah Kang MD
Bella Katab (GK) CA
Morgan Kato NJ
Ella Kaufman MD
Aine Keaney NY
Isabel Keen MI
Tyler Kennedy (GK) TX
Makenzie Kensel CA
Paige Kieft (GK) PA
Rebecca Kline KY
Kinley Koch VA
Julianne Kopec NJ
Sarah Korczukowski NJ
Aspyn Koslowski (GK) WI
Julianna Kuzmich NY
Madeline Lawlor NJ
Elena Leahy NJ
Julia Leclercq IL
Addy Leonhartt DE
Mackenzie Lever PA
Jillian Loebs MA
Sarah Lopez (GK) CA
McKayla Lyons IL
Mia Magnotta (GK) PA
Megan Maransky PA
Samantha Maresca (GK) NY
Kathryn Mason MA
Caroline McAdams KY
Kiernan McColgan NY
Meghan McGinley PA
Erin McGuinness (GK) MA
Hannah McKenney ME
Sydney McLean NC
Mackenzie Mix NY
Catherine Monaco VA
Kaitlyn Mulcahy (GK) WI
Madeline Mullaney MA
Kylee Niswonger MI
Grace Norair VA
Madison O’Hare NH
Haley Palmer MD
Isabella Pavlides NJ
Tegan Poerio PA
Maya Prasad MI
Cassidy Puleo CA
Olivia Quagliero NJ
Deila Rabatin VA
Christina Rawa PA
Alana Richardson MA
Kellen Richbourg VA
Hope Rose PA
Tegan Samuelson CA
Grace Schiavo NJ
Lily Schoonmaker NY
Emma Schwarz PA
Sedona Scully (GK) NJ
Carlie Servis PA
Julia Sharp NY
Sheridan Simes (GK) VA
Katy Skagerlind MA
Katherine Smith MO
Kelly Smith PA
Christina Solomen NJ
Lanie Stem PA
Helena Stoever NJ
Caroline Stutte MO
Cadence Summers NH
Taylor Swann (GK) MD
Abigail Tamer MI
Claudia Thomas KY
Taryn Tkachuk MO
Mia Tralies (GK) PA
Jessica Unkel NY
Caroline Utz MA
EmmaRose VanDerVeen PA
Abigail Vesey NJ
Kennedy Vinson KY
Molly Vinton MA
Kylie Wall PA
Ella Wareham WI
Reese Wearren KY
Jessica Wetzel NJ
Evangeline Wilkerson VA
Katherine Wimmer (GK) NH
Jacey Wittel PA
Sarah Woods ME
Elizabeth Yeager NY
Madeline Zacchini MA
Olivia Zettervall VA
Jenna Zunic NY
Julianne Zunic NY
Rylee Zunic NY