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– Weekly Expert National Top 25 & Regional Top 20 Team Rankings (6 regions)
– Preseason Player Awards: Top 40 Players to Watch per Region, State & National Preseason Players of the Year, All-American Watch List
– Postseason Player Awards: All-Region First & Second Teams, State, Regional and National Players of the Year, and First, Second and Third Team All-American Teams
– State, Regional and National Coaches of the Year
– MAX Field Hockey High School National Invitational at The Proving Grounds 3-day event in September (Year 1 included 36 teams traveling from all 6 regions, 12 different states (CT, IL, KY, MA, MD, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA)- 16 of the 36 teams were ranked in the Top 25 in the nation and all 6 #1 teams from each region participated)

– Comprehensive national Player Rankings for each High School class (Top 10, Top 50, Next 50, Watch List)
– Top 10 Division I incoming classes
– Player Profile database (currently 1,000+ players)

– Searchable College Commitment database (View all + by class)
– College Commitment Feature Stories
– College Commitment announcements over social media and Field Hockey Network mobile app

– Annual National Club Rankings (Overall Top 20 + Age Group Rankings: U14, U16 and U19 Top 25)
– Club Directory

– Olympic Development & Junior National Team coverage
– Information on youth & developmental programs
Major youth event information & coverage

Field Hockey Participation & Statistics

– Approximately 1.2 million individuals age 6+ playing field hockey in the U.S. (Source: SFIA, 2013)
– Majority of participants are female
– Sport is regional, but expanding
– Club, showcase, and event offerings are growing
– Niche sport, but very strong following

– Approximately 2,000 teams & 70,000 athletes (includes Varsity, JV, Freshman/Thirds Squads)

– 284 college teams & approximately 6,400 athletes
– +20 new college field hockey programs have been added since 2015
– +9% of High School field hockey players will go on to play in college

– Approximately 300 club programs across the country

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We have been working hard to grow our social media following and have set goals that we will hopefully reach by the end of this season. We have been looking into Instagram tools like Ingramer so we can get more followers but we’ve heard that Nitreo is better than Ingramer so this may be something we use in future seasons. We did have to research online about which tools we used so we didn’t get scammed. This is a problem on social media these days, you want to invest in something that is legitimate. Another tool we were going to use was Kicksta but we found out Kicksta got busted, so we strayed away from that. We didn’t want to let our followers down or let anything get in the way of our football stories. We mainly post updates, latest news, and matchday information on our social media channels to help keep our followers informed.





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Current Content Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. Player Rankings
    • Top players ranked for each high school class, updated annually, Top 150 players are broken down into 4 categories: Top 10, Top 50, Next 50 (51-100), and Watch List (101-150)
  2. College Commitments
    • Searchable Commitment Databases- 1 for each class, and 1 that includes all classes (Current View All)
    • Commitment Feature stories (featured on homepage, shared over all social media + mobile app)
    • Commitment Shares (when submitting commitments, players have the option to have their commitment shared over social media)
  3. High School Team Rankings (10 total releases: Preseason, 8 regular season weeks, Final) (Rankings Page)
    • Weekly Regional Top 20 Team Rankings (6 Regions: New England, Northeast, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic, West/Mid-West)
    • Weekly National Top 25 Team Rankings
  4. High School Player & Coach Awards
    • Postseason
      • First, Second & Third Team All-American Teams (20 players/team) (current feature)
      • First & Second All-Region Teams (25 players/teams, 6 Regions: New England, Northeast, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic, West/Mid-West) (current feature)
      • State Players of the Year (current feature)
      • Regional & National Players of the Year (current feature)
      • State, Regional & National Coaches of the Year (current feature)
    • Preseason
      • Preseason Regional Players to Watch (top 40 players/region, 6 Regions: New England, Northeast, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic, West/Mid-West) (current feature)
      • Preseason State Players of the Year (current feature)
      • All-American Watch List (current feature)
  5. National Club Rankings– released annually (current feature)
    • Overall Top 20 Rankings
    • Top 25 Age Group Rankings: U14, U16, U19
  6. Player Profile Central (view player profile database)
    • Player Profile searchable database for High School/Youth players (+1,000 profiles)
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