The 2017 NCAA Field Hockey season is here!


We have updated our Division I, II and III College Schedules/Scores pages to the 2017 season.  You can access these pages using the links below or by using the “College” tab on the top main menu bar.  On these pages you will find a link to every Division I, II and III official team schedule.  For the 2017 season we will also be keeping up with the Division I weekly and daily schedules and scores (we will be linking to for the Division 2 and Division 3 schedules).  We would ideally be doing all of three divisions on MAX Field Hockey, but due to limited resources, we have decided to focus on the Division I level this Fall.  We will re-evaluate before next season.  The Division I weekly and daily schedule will be posted at the top of the Division I Schedules/Scores page.


The Division I Preseason Scrimmages/Exhibition schedule is up!  As is the Week #1 schedule for opening weekend (August 25-27).  Click on the Division I link below to check out the early match-ups!


Have you downloaded our all-new partner mobile app “The Field Hockey Network” yet?  We are discontinuing our existing MAX Field Hockey app and focusing on this new Field Hockey Network app that is SUPER smooth and is designed to optimize everything we do with MAX Field Hockey AND all of the major field hockey news sources, including USA Field Hockey, the NFHCA, the NCAA, PAHF, FIH, and more!  So you don’t need to surf Facebook, Twitter, and various websites- you can view all the latest news in one place on this free and easy to use mobile app.  Our College Schedules/Scores will be updated on as it has been in the past, but now you can ALSO view it even easier on the go on The Field Hockey Network mobile app on the “College” Channel.  Go to your mobile app store and search for “The Field Hockey Network” and download it today!  If you have any questions/issues with the new app, email us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to help you get started.




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